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Press Room

Jun 22, 2004
Telehouse and InvisibleHand Announce Expansion of Liquid Bandwidth Exchange
Bandwidth Market welcomes additional Network Service Providers

New York, NY (June 22, 2004) -- Invisible Hand Networks, Inc., (InvisibleHand) in partnership with Telehouse America, welcomed the addition of several new Network Service Providers to their Metro New York Liquid Bandwidth Exchange (LBX) during the first half of 2004. Participants joining the LBX included Telefonica Wholesale, SE, of Madrid, and San Francisco-based Yipes Enterprise Services.

The LBX enables Network Service Providers and buyers of IP capacity to interact freely through InvisibleHand's Merkato™ pricing and provisioning software platform.

The Merkato platform enables supply and demand based IP bandwidth marketplaces in which price discovery and negotiation is fully automated. The platform leverages economic theory and patented market mechanisms to create an environment free of term or capacity commitments. Instead, transactions are conducted automatically through intelligent software agents according to a customer's real-time needs, providing economic advantages to both buyers and sellers.

Guillermo Martinez, IP Services Director at Telefonica Wholesale describes the LBX as "an effective environment through which we can rapidly attract a wide variety of bandwidth consumers to our network, at a very low cost of sales."

"Until now, companies and Network Service Providers interested in IP capacity were only able to connect via lengthy negotiation processes," said John Shields, Executive Vice President, Director of Sales and Marketing, TELEHOUSE America. "With the help of InvisibleHand's software platform, we can now offer these companies the ability to interact with multiple partners in an online Exchange, using a simple, single point of interaction, which provides them with significant cost savings over the previous model."

For Yipes, the key value of the LBX is opening an untapped market for major IP consumers that were previously unable to be served under traditional contract terms. "InvisibleHand's Merkato- based exchange extends our reach into a new and growing marketplace. These customers have a unique requirement for flexibility and scalability, which have always been the key elements of our value proposition," said John Peters, CEO of Yipes.

"This latest crop of sellers provides a huge boon for bandwidth buyers and represents a natural evolution of our business" said Nemo Semret, Chairman of Invisible Hand Networks. "Yipes' next-generation network eliminates the inefficiencies of legacy technologies, just as Merkato does with bandwidth pricing and allocation. Telefonica's participation in the New York LBX adds a global network offering unparalleled quality to international destinations. Both are great matches, as evidenced by volume already far exceeding expectations."

The LBX has emerged as an ideal resource for connecting dynamic bandwidth demand (from VoIP providers, data backup application providers, online gaming vendors, audio/video streaming providers etc.) with Network Service Providers eager to monetize network capacity.

About Telehouse America
Telehouse America is the originator and most experienced provider of carrier-neutral, physically secure, power-protected co-location space for some of the most successful technological and financial companies in the world. Their facilities provide protected locations for global, mission- critical technology systems to ensure the continuous operation and success of network-dependent businesses around the world. For more information, please visit www.telehouse.com Company contact: Michael Vallone 212-355-2572 vallone@telehouse.com or Harrison Wise 212-725-2295 ext 29 harrisonw@tryloncommunications.com.

About Yipes Enterprise Services
Yipes Enterprise Services is the leading provider of managed, end-to-end Gigabit Ethernet solutions for enterprise customers across the U.S. Yipes offers a uniquely scalable suite of networking services that combine the speed, simplicity and cost effectiveness of native Ethernet with the seamless, granular scalability of Yipes proprietary bandwidth-on-demand functionality. Yipes provides optical Ethernet services within and across several major metropolitan markets throughout the United States. These services include Ethernet-based metro area networking, national area networking and high-speed Internet access. For more information, visit www.yipes.com. Company contact: Jamisen Myers 703-860-6805 jmyers@yipes.com

About Invisible Hand Networks, Inc.
Founded in 1998, InvisibleHand is changing the way bandwidth is bought and sold. InvisibleHand's innovative software platform, Merkato, enables customers to dynamically price and allocate bandwidth, creating true market-based bandwidth-on-demand services. Invisible Hand Networks, Inc. is based in New York, NY. For more information, please visit www.invisiblehand.net. Company contact: John Cahill 617-290-1114 jcahill@invisiblehand.net